Meet the team!




Professor Serious

He is here to help answer all your weather questions......

He got his Doctorate at the University of Hootsville and has been an avid weather observer for years.

His favourite soccer team are The Seagulls......

He likes Classical music and bands from the past, especially

The Eagles and The Beatles

He prefers working at night when his brain is fully active.



Stratus is a laid back chap, he likes to relax and take things easy.

(Just like his name.)

He enjoys drawing, bird watching, listening to music whilst lying in a hammock and meditation

His favourite teams are The Bears and The Cubs

His favourite songs of all time are “Weather with You” and

“You are my Sunshine “



Nimbus is always lively and energetic....sometimes over- excitable.

He is always slow to get out of bed in the mornings and never wants to go to sleep when he’s told to.

He loves trampolining, splashing in the bath and playing with his duckies.

His favourite song is “ Rain “ by Dragon.

He enjoys cooking, making a big mess in the kitchen and eating cakes.

Nimbus likes Rock music....the louder the better !


Hector Pascal

Hector Pascal was born in Barking, England.

He is a lovable rascal.....always outside chasing a ball or a frisbee,

running on the beach and swimming in the sea.

His favourite food is everything.

He likes chewing shoes and getting up to mischief !

His favourite music is Garage.


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